The problem of rising homelessness

By Lyric Rogers

Is homelessness a bad thing? In our community, yes, it is.

As a student in Minneapolis, I see homeless people every day on my way to school. I see encampments and officers forcibly removing homeless people from these encampments, and worst of all, I can’t stop it alone.

The thing about homelessness is that it hits fast and hard, leaving families devastated and without their basic needs cared for. Many people already live on the poverty line, and those who don’t are considered the “High and Mighty.”

In my opinion the mighty are the ones who are able to survive off of minimum wage with a family, as it’s harder.

How many homeless people do you see daily in Minneapolis? There’s more than that. The average city has around an eighth of its population because of homeless people, and in fact, they aren’t homeless.

Minneapolis is their home. They just don’t have a house.

If Minneapolis is their home, then why are the capable not doing anything to help them?

Can you help them?

After all, they’re your neighbors.






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