What is the city doing about homelessness?

By Lyric Rogers

The city of Minneapolis constantly has a rising number of homeless citizens, but what do they do about them?

The city pushes the homeless around, using the police to harass them, evict their encampments and imprison them. The Kmart project on Lake Street in Ward 8 of MPLS is supposed to connect the community, but it’s also designed to push the homeless people out of Ward 8 and Uptown.

I question the city in my head constantly. Why waste money abusing the homeless when it’s easier, cheaper, and more sustainable to help them overall?

There are so many empty lots in Minneapolis, so why not put them to use?

Give them some lots, and their essentials, to set them up for success.

Give them what they need. Set it up so that the homeless can succeed in our modern society.

Help them get jobs, houses, and help them get out of poverty.

Help them help themselves.

We’re capable of helping, so why not help them? After all, they’re your neighbors.

Help them when and how you can.






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