Please stop hurting the homeless

By Lyric Rogers

Police brutality is still too common.

We’ve seen it before with George Floyd, Fong Lee, Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Justine Damond, and many unlisted others.

The police aren’t perfect. No one is. But it’s not fair or just to kill innocent citizens without warning and just reason.

In fact, you shouldn’t kill anyone at all.

Police now are brutalizing homeless people in Minneapolis to remove encampments and clear places where they don’t want them to be.

Most city leaders are not stopping the police from hurting the homeless. It almost seems like they encourage them.

The police frisk the homeless and use violence to scare them.

Do you think this approach gets us any closer to a solution?

Violence is not ever the answer. Martin Luther King and Gandhi have taught us that.

Kindness and peace are the key.

There are more humane ways to deal with the problem of rising homelessness.

Help the homeless when and how you can.

If you see someone on the street, check, do you have any cash?

They probably need it more than you.






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